First Camera

I bought my first 35mm film camera in 1970 and hoped to buy extra lenses and to learn processing and printing. Unfortunately, I never did get more lenses nor did I acquire darkroom skills and my activity in photography languished on a back burner while the rest of my life took place. Worse yet, I lost this camera. In 2010 I finally found myself with the time and resources I needed to move into digital photography.


I have never thought of myself as an artist. I was trained as a scientist in a Ph. D program in experimental psychology many years ago. I left the program but do think of myself as having a scientific approach to most matters. I am comfortable with most things that are technical and worked in information technology for two decades.


While I could probably never create a lovely painting nor produce a piece of sculpture, I enjoy finding interesting images in the world around me. Most of my photos are taken outdoors and getting outside to find images adds another dimension of enjoyment. When the weather prevents me from going out of doors I enjoy composing little scenes for my macro lens. I am still learning how to avoid making these scenes look contrived.

My images have been accepted in juried shows at East End Arts, Art League of Long Island, Suffolk County Historical Museum, Southampton Cultural Center and Remsenburg Acedemy. I have had images accepted for publication in the Riverhead News Review, Attencion (a newspaper in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), The Wine Press, The Southampton Review, The Sun magazine and The New York Times.

For me the practice of photography is frequently a flow experience and I am very tuned in to my visual surroundings. Images that have a meditative quality are often the outcome. Other photos, however, are a poke in the ribs and some produce other emotions. Some of my images freeze fleeting movements and shadows while other photos find the beauty in ordinary objects.


I thank my wife for her support and critical feedback based on her extensive knowledge of art. Peter and Susan Pitzele have given me insightful feedback and encouragement. Steve Berger helped me get started. Laura Luciano has helped me make my catalogs look appealing.

James Croak in Hamptons Art Hub reviewed my 2014 exhibit in the Hampton Bays Library.

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